What Should I Do If Water Leaked Into My Watch

Method one:
If watches are soaked in water, First use the available layers of toilet paper or cloth which is easy to absorb moisture to the package table tight,then placing it in the vicinity of 40-watt light bulb about 15 cm, bake it about 30 minutes, until the water vapor to the table water vapor. Should not baking the watch's sheet kept near the fire directly, so as to prevent heat the suffer of the watch to cause the distortion.

Method two:
Inward the watch-glass , outward bottom shell, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours latter the water vapor can be removed. If the water problem is too serious, the best way is to send the watch to the shop immediately,And rubing oil, clear the water which is on the movement , spare parts to avoid rust.

Method three:
Puting granular silica gel and the watch together with a sealed container for several hours,when time is over, removing the watch, water is all gone. This method is simple and economic, in this way ,life and accuracy of the watch are not damaged. The silica gelhas which has absorbed water repeatedly can be dried at 120 ℃ , several hours later, water absorption can be renewable, and it can be repeated used.
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