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1. Why does automatic watch stop working? 
First, we should know what is an automatic mechanical watch. Actually, no matter which direction the automatic rotor is rotating the spring will be tight to make sure the accurate timing (shown by the transparent case back). So only wearing watch on the wrist, with the movement of wrist the automatic rotor can rotate and generate energy. Generally speaking, an automatic watch should be worn more than 8 hours every day so that it can have the enough energy. Of course, it is not absolute. An automatic watch should be worn even in holidays to constantly add energy for it. The watch of these people who work in an Office usually stop walking. Except for the movement itself, lack of exercise of the wearer is another important reason. Under the circumstances, wearer can manually wind the watch.

2. Whether does it need to manually wind an automawatch or not?
Based on an hand winding and added a automatic part, such watch is automatic watch. The automatic part includes automatic rotor and wheel. The watch on sale is resting. The sales staff should wind watch for customers first. As as long as the customer wear enough time wear every day, the auto rotor can complement enough energy for your watch. You'd better not manually wind the automatic watch. When winding by hand, the crown will handle a number of automatic wheel rotation. Therefore, the auto parts is very easy to wear, adding customers unnecessary maintenance costs.

3. Why are some high-end watches signed water resistant still not absolutely sealed?
Under normal circumstances, the water resistant watch doesn't mean 100% has no water vapor. If you take a bath wearing a watch, the water-proof rubber ring will accelerate aging because of chemical erosion. The performance of water resistant is useless. In the rainy season, the air humidity is relatively high, and also because of a large temperature changes, such as a sauna, air-conditioned room, etc. will all cause the watch into water vapor. And the aging of rubber apron over time will gradually diminish waterproof performance. If you find water vapor in your watch, you'd better send watch to authorized repair station for processing, so as not to cause parts rust to shorten the life of the watch.

4. For a high-end watch, if its case back has ever been opened, is it still water tight?
We know the water resistant function of a watch mainly depends on the rubber apron fixed on watch glass, case back and crown. However, if often wearing a watch when bathing or sauna will accelerate the aging deformation of waterproof rubber apron. In addition to heat, acid sweat, chlorine in swimming pool and perfume will all harden waterproof apron to reduce water resistance. According to experience, you'd better send the watch to authorized repair station to test its waterproof properties every 1-2 years. After replacing battery for a quartz watch or cleaning and refueling of a mechanical watch, they both need do water resistant test. If the results is not water tight, the professionals will replace it with a new part. Actually, each water resistant watch still owns fine water-proof property after opening its case back.

5. Why should replace nattery timely for a quartz watch?
According to the movement and using difference, the battery life of quartz watch is about 1-2 years. For high-grade three-hand quartz watch, there is prompt function if the battery will run out. The second hand beat abnormally, jumping every four seconds. Then you need to replace the battery. If not. it may cause battery leakage and damage the internal parts of watch. Some customers have several pieces of watches. When they put aside one of their watch, to save power they usually pull out the crown to make the watch stop working. It seems that your watch is not working, however, the battery continues to discharge. If you not replaced battery for it, it will cause battery leakage and corrode movement as well.

6. Will sapphire crystal glass be scratched?
The sapphire crystal glass is not made of natural sapphire. The fine alumina powder is raw materials, forming sapphire crystal block in certain high-temperature Celsius, and then through numerous processes before they are made extremely pure sapphire crystal. It is anti-wear and corrosion-proof. Except for the diamond, the sapphire crystal is the hardest, equivalent to seven times of steel. However, it doesn't mean it can never be scratched. It should be avoid from to touch diamond, grinding stones, sandpaper, nail files, granite surfaces, concrete walls, etc., so as not to scratch the surface.

7. Why does a quartz watch still stopp working? 
First make sure the crown is not pulled out, the second doesn't hit the glass. Sometimes, when the three hands overlaping can make the watch stop working. Last, check out whether the battery is exhausted or not.

8. Will the steel bracelet be rusty or fade out?
There are various types of stainless steel. Its main components are nickel and chromium. SS will easily be corroded by sweat. So you'd better often clean your watch avoiding rust. The black blot on steel bracelet is mainly due to stainless steel contains nickel and other elements with the body's sweat or vinegar, bleach, correction fluid and other chemicals, cosmetics. The general approach is to clean your watch with soft toothbrush dipped in cleaner then scrub gently with a soft cloth; or send your watch to authorized repair station for cleaning using ultrasonic instruments.

9. Why is there one minute difference for a quartz watch with two hands? 
This is because that the motor of a two-hand quartz watch beats every 12 seconds. The motor may not start when customer adjust the time. So there will be one minute difference. To get the precise timing, you just need to adjust fater than one minute.

10. How to solve the magnetic phenomenon of mechanical watch?
Once affected by magnetism, the mechanical watch will suddenly go very fast, even faster than 1-2 hours / day. When usually wearing a mechanical watch, you should pay attention to being away from the magnetic field, such as stereos, televisions, mobile phones and other electrical appliances in the vicinity. Magnetic phenomenon is relatively common and the solution is not difficult. You just need go to authorized Maintenance Department with specialized equipment to demagnetization. It only takes 30 seconds.

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