Seven Tips of Watch Maintenance!

No matter how excellent the mechanical watch's function is, and how hi-tech the movement is, to provide accurate time is the fundamental responsibility of a watch. So, the watch wearer should pay special attention to these aspects affecting the life of watch.

1. Water resistance. Many people think that a good watch should have fine water resistant property. While the Swiss have different opinion. The water resistant of watch means water-proof to 30 or 50 meters. However, many people think that this means the watch can be placed in corresponding depth of water and the watch still works normally. It is definitely wrong! For Swiss watch, the 30 or 50 meters water resistance means the ordinary water-proof in every day life. Its real meaning is that you'd better try your best to avoid watch being wet. Only the watch which can be water resistant up to 100 meters can work well when put into water. A real diving watch is usually water-proof to 200 meters.

2. Temperature. Some people like saunaing wear a diving watch. The temperature in sauna room is much higher than the normal outdoor temperature. This instant temperature change will lead premature aging of waterproof gasket. Even a professional diving watch will lose its water resistant property in the safe period.

3. Dust. Dust seems to have no close relationship with watch for us. But for movement itself, dust is one of the three enemies. Prolonged exposure to dust-intensive areas, the case will be naturally leaked into dust and make movement oil dry faster. Undoubtedly, it is bad for movement. So often scrubing watch with a piece of soft cloth is very necessary.

4. Shock. Actually, the movement of mechanical watch is very fragile, particularly at a violent shaking moment. However, there still are many people play golf wearing their high-end watches. The drastic impulsive force when swing the brassie will be enough to send your favorite watch to repair center.

5. Scratch. Whether the full steel or precious metal case will be scratched. People are always attracted by the "Stainless steel" or "Anti-scratch" these words. However, even the best material will be worn in daily life. Protecting the watch from touching some sharp objects is very important if you want your watch to look like a new one.

6. Magnetic field. Many people have such an experience: a new mechanical watch suddenly has an inexplicable error. The biggest culprit is magnetic. The modern family and social environment are full of electromagnetic fields. If you put watch beside TV, the movement will be magnetized in a short time. So keeping watch away from magnetic field is also very important.

7. Maintenance. The maintenance is vital for a mechanical watch. Today, the Omega coaxial movement has 10-year quality guarantee. For all mechanical watches, they should be sent to professional organization for maintenance every 4 or 5 years. As time goes on, the oil of movement will dry due to friction of watch parts. So regular maintenance is absolutely necessary.
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