How to determine value antique watches

Collection of antique watch, can not "gather" confused, gathering just for fun, fun you can; but for collection, it emphasize the professional, serious,So abundant and enough funds need to be long-term perspective.

Antique watch is not the more ancient the better or more valuable, antique watch's value determined by the main factors : 1 quantity 2 years 3 artistic expression 4 market circulation value . More details are followed :
1 quantity: a. Original b. The rarity level.
2 years: a. The value of historical allusions b. the original value.
3. Artistic expression: a. the classic era aesthetics (representative) b. complex function of process (unique, complex) c. innovation and style 
4 liquidity value of the market : if the brand has sufficient reputation and amount of collection, can become "popular" antiques,and it's active circulation in the auction market.

The "artistic expression" is the most critical importance. Antique watch should have good artistic expression, which is able to highlight a watch factory in originality, uniqueness and representation of an era, or have enough of the story tension and highly acclaimed collections reputation.

Since ancient times, "the art of expression" can be showed from the major brands of classic watches ,discerned classic watch has the original style, original self-movement, simple, elegant, popular content, etc.; During watch's history, the most famous masterpieces: Patek Philippe's Calatrava, Rolex Oyster, Omega Constellation, Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, Cartier Tank, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. . . . These classic watches has its own unique qualities (including watchmaking skills, creativity, cultural thinking, historical allusions), will make people remember the profound impression of the eternal, and can be forever popular and is often used by a watch factory as " cash cow " through re-producing replica watches.

As for the liquidity value of the market , and the university is required . Players must carefully observe the world's major auction (Christie's, Sotheby's, etc.) in worldwide auction market of major cities, and to analyze the market ups and downs over the years, context, rise and fall. Auction market like the stock market, antique watches, pushed up, up high, there is the risk of bubble fell back. For example, the old PP, 2526, the value in 5,6 years ago, only about 150,000 yuan, the current auction price is up to 25 million. Old PP, 3445, the previous value of 6-8 million up and down, now stands at 12-15 million. Old PP, 3448 calendar moon phase tables, about 50-60 million five years ago, early last year reached 100 million, the current market price down to $ 800,000. Therefore, the collection of antique watch, requiring the normal state of mind, with their spare cash for along-term investment, and ensure you really like it before its collection. Do not have blind obedience, ignorance, now gone on to recover the speculation. You know, collection of antique watch only is a path, through the collection process, to explore the mysteries of the history of clocks, the taste of the extraordinary aesthetic appeal process, is the highest level and significance of the collection. And, it is worth the collection but will not necessarily add value. As the same, the watch will necessarily add value but you maybe will not buy it. The collection is worth the value of a good watch and it will be difficult to fathom, even to fathom, you-the watch's lover are willing to sell the watch profits it,aren't you?

In addition, the antique watch is a luxury, mechanical aging, deterioration, waterproof, anti-collision properties are more poor than the modern watch ,when wearing them ,you must be very carefull.And you are to be more to worry about collection maintenance.The intermediary between the commission of the sale price up to a hundred 20 points or more. These need to hold considerable cost and to pay the price. From this, collection of watches actually is quite tiring.And the "courage", "professional", "money", "patience" and "time" are indispensable.

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