How to Maintain Leather Strap of Watch?

1. When the leather strap has a peculiar smell, you can use toothbrush with soapy water to scrub the dirty place quickly, then to scrub the leather with a piece of slightly damp cloth. To avoid soapy water into the cortex, the whole process is best done within 20 seconds. Besides, you can precoat leather oil for your leather watch strap to protect it. This is more complete maintenance.

2. The hardening of leather is another common problem of leather watch strap. Often being in a humid environment will accelerate the hardening of leather. The sweat will also erode the cortex, changing the shape of strap and making it harden or rupture. Therefore, in addition to the usual good maintenance, you'd better not to bend the hardening leather strap. Timely replacing a strap is also absolutely necessary. We recommend that you'd better wear leather strap watch in winter to protect your leather strap from damaging of perspiration.

3. There are many kinds of leather materials, generally speaking, including crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, shark skin and calf and so on. Regardless of what kind of leather material, it will have a smell if you wear it for a long time. Therefore, usual cleaning and keeping it dry is the best way to maintain a leather watch strap. You should scrub your leather strap if it contacts with water. In addition, prolonged exposure in the sun will cause deterioration of strap, you should pay special attention to.

4. You'd better wear your leather strap watch as few as possible. A substitute timepiece is very necessary, which can not only reduce the risk of human damage but also enable the strap to obtain adequate rest. In addition, wearing leather strap itself is a continuous process of pulling and tearing, careful maintenance naturally make it accompany you a longer time.
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