How adjust automatic watches to work well!

Time adjustment:
Proofreading time, if you require very precise time, let the second hand went to 12 o'clock and pull out the crown , when the second hand stationary, turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the position of the hour hand and minute hand when the pointer and standard time (in TV or radio as a reference) are the same,please push the crown back into place.

Calendar adjustment:
Pull the crown to position 2, turn the crown clockwise to adjust the calendar.
Sunday calendar adjustment:
Pull the crown out to position 2, turn the crown counterclockwise to adjust weeks, clockwise to adjust the calendar.

the adjustment of watch's calendar, week, month, phase should not be the time of the watch between 21:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM operation, during the ongoing operation of the calendar function, but also heterozygosity lower gear when the action would damage the watch frequently internal parts.
Sunday calendar tabs, due to the speed control grid divided into two, the first in the 5 minutes to complete the calendar grid jump, second jump in the calendar grid within 3 hours to complete.
In case of the use of screw-in crown watches, not do a hard pull, please open the lock counter-clockwise rotation of the crown, the adjusted time, the crown clockwise and push the locking to prevent water .
In case of a watch with a calendar date need to be adjusted, first transferred to the calendar the date you need the day before, then turn clockwise to adjust the date, when the needle after midnight then the date will change, adjust the date to avoid a direct cause day and night confusion.

Mechanical principle of adjustment time
Long standing, the natural relaxation of the winding mechanical watch to watch still, at this time,if to re-wear, they must first re-tighten the spring, after calibration, the general manager said that the general mechanical in the spring, when most loose, there will be hour hand, minute hand, slow down or faster phenomenon, we should be on the tight winding, so the calibration time, there is no standard power-driven pointer, even self-winding watches also should be used to manual winding to eight full, then do the time calibration.
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