How to Spot a Fake Patek Philippe Watch

As a premier luxury watchmaker, Patek Philippe is distinguished by everybody from watch newcomers into the most majestic of watch fans. With over 180 decades of masterful watchmaking expertise, Patek Philippe has been continuously raising the bar of luxury watchmaking criteria. As a result of their extremely limited manufacturing, combined with the high need and higher value of the watches, there are sadly several fake Patek Philippe watches on this marketplace that may deceive the ordinary purchaser. Keep studying as our luxury watch pros outline all you want to learn to see a fake Patek Philippe out of a genuine one.

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While every collection has their very own signature attributes, below are some general features which can allow you to differentiate and place a fake Patek Philippe watch on a real one across all groups.

it’s not an exaggeration to state that everything published onto a real Patek Philippe dial ought to be ideal, even under intense magnification. Patek Philippe watches are famous for their absolute dedication in all elements of the opinion, which makes it much easier to see a fake Patek Phillippe. Authentic Patek Philippe watches will likely have crisp and equally spaced printing, free of misspellings.

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Aside from skeletonized versions, genuine Patek Philippe watches don’t have an observable tourbillon or equilibrium wheels on the dial.
All contemporary Patek Philippe watches utilize sapphire crystals.
Models with luminescent coating, like the Aquanaut and Nautilus, if have luminescent consistency when seen from the dark.Case:
Authentic Patek Philippe watches have a good weight to them while fakes feel lighter since they’re often created with lesser grade materials.

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With the exception of pick limited-edition watches, Patek Philippe instance backs don’t have engravings or decorations.
Patek Philippe watches with good instance backs have their serial and model numbers published within the situation, while watches together with exhibition backs have their serial and model numbers published around the inside borders. Bracelet:
Genuine Patek Philippe necklaces arrive in 18k gold and platinum while straps can be found in leather, blot or a unique composite material (only for your Aquanaut).

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Bracelets are published using a version number unique for their watch’s collection.
Buckles are published together with the Patek Philippe logo and their various metals.
All installation clasps include the Calatrava Cross. Movement:
All motions have excellent hand-finishing with sharp engravings.

Based on the watch’s era, the motion will soon be embellished with the Geneva Seal or Patek Philippe Seal. As of 2009, Patek Philippe declared that their watches will only feature their branded seal. Where to Purchase genuine, pre-owned Patek Philippe watches.

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To make sure that you always purchase a genuine Patek Philippe opinion, it’s very important to work together with the pros. In Gemma from WP Diamonds, our group of luxury watch professionals have years of experience in the watch business and authenticate all our Patek Philippe watches. Together with our affordable monthly payments during our spouse Affirm, A+ BBB score and free US shipping, your next favorite watch is only a click away.

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