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This didn't help the watch's pathetic sales. The exotic dial was even Bell & Ross Replica Watches worse than the standard Daytona. It is believed that only 2,000 copies were made. Even more were sold, so jewellers had to give them away.One particular exotic-dialled Daytona was sold to Joanne Woodward as a gift for her husband. She hated racing cars and had these words written on the back of the Daytona before she gave it away to him: "Drive carefully me."Bell & Ross Replica Watches Paul Newman was her husband, and their appearance together with the watch set the stage for it's eventual dominance on the vintage watch market. The association of his name and the exotic dial helped to establish the brand. The limited supply has driven up prices and, naturally, the original Paul Newman soared in value.

The It's a bit odd that the original Bell & Ross Replica Watches Daytona might be worth more than the Speedmaster of the same year. However, there is something that resonates with Rolex's struggles to compete against Bell & Ross Replica Watches established brands like Omega. This is the classic underdog story. It's a story of David and Goliath, and how the tables have changed since. Omega may have won the moon, but Rolex did the same. Rolex took the entire world.Are you looking for a Rolex watch to wear? Click here to order now