About tourbillon.

About Tourbillon

Tourbillon was developed by Swiss watchmaker Louis Breguet in 1795. It aimed to counter the error of watch mechanics caused by effects of gravity. It was an addition to the mechanics of a watch escapement. The tourbillon watch usually refers to a mechanical watch which is equipped with rotating escapement speed regulation cage.

The diameter of a tourbillon device is only 1 centimetre. Its weight is less than 1 gram. A tourbillon consists of more than 70 fine parts, and most of them are made by hand. Tourbillon's complicated and precise core technology represents the highest level of mechanical watchmaking craftsmanship.

The frame of tourbillon can rotate in 360 degree. The visual beauty like graceful dance perfectly interprets the dynamic art to the core. Tourbillon has always been called the "King of Watch".

In old times, only nobilities had opportunity to appreciate the tourbillon watches. Till today, tourbillon captures countless watch lovers. They usually wait for several months to buy a tourbillon watch in hundreds of million USD.

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